A Successful Combination

We combine Human knowledge, with the efficiency of AI, together with the security which blockchain brings. Our platform leverages neural machine translation, statistical machine translation, security over the blockchain and expert human translators to provide an incredibly fast, secure, highly accurate translation service. 

Artificial Intelligence

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At its core is our best-in-class AI translation software that leverages 22 AI-based Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engines and 64 Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) engines. Each engine represents a single language pair and direction (e.g.: English > Japanese) — tested for accuracy and comprehension across millions of words before release.

Machine translation (statistical or neural) is most appropriate to derive the general gist from a large volume of content such as for legal documents translation where content needs to be categorized by subject and relevance. Upon completion of a first pass, more precise translation methods and focus can be applied to a smaller set of content.

Additional language translation services can be ordered from the same translation app including human post-editing of machine-translated documents or full human translation for any part of a project.

Human Knowledge

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Versioning Translations prides itself on selecting the best professional translators, always working in their own mother tongue or applicable target language, and with expertise in the subject area of the original content. The translation is edited by a second native professional translator to assure the accuracy and quality of your translation.

Versioning Translations not only uses native/fluent professional translators, but also assigns each project to an industry-specific expert translator to ensure the highest degree of accuracy. Furthermore, each translation is proofread by an industry-specific expert to ensure the quality of each translation.

Our translation services include editing and proofreading by independent experts at no additional charge. We also offer proofreading services for translations completed by another source.


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Blockchain is used when working with a translation memory, i.e. a database created by professional translators containing segments with sentences translated into different languages, which can be used later with new translation projects. Thanks to Blockchain, different translation memories may be combined so that the system of neural translation similar to the one used by Google Translate, could choose the required part of translation from the database, while applying remuneration to its author. 

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